Gary Diffee, Ph.D.


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  • Education

    Ph D, University of California-Irvine, 1992.
    Major: PhysiologySupporting Areas of Emphasis: Muscle PhysiologyDissertation Title: Activity-induced regulation of skeletal muscle myosin isoform distribution
    MS, University of Washington, 1984.
    Major: KinesiologyDissertation Title: Effect of endurance exercise training on calcium channels in rat myocardial sarcolemma

Select Presentations

"Diffee, G . (Presenter & Author),Piepmeyer, H . (Author Only),"
(2009),Voluntary Wheel Running Attenuates Muscle Mass And Myosin Isoform Changes In Cancer Cachexia, ACSM Annual Meeting, American College of Sports Medicine, Seattle, WA.
"Diffee, G . (Author Only),Ji, L . (Author Only),Kang, C . (Presenter & Author),Chung, E . (Author Only),"
(2009),Exercise training attenuates aging-associated reduction in mitochondrial biogenesis in rat skeletal muscle, ACSM Annual Meeting, American College of Sports Medicine, Seattle, WA.
"Diffee, G . (Author Only),Chung, E . (Presenter & Author),"
(2007),Low Intensity Exercise Training Increases Power Output Properties in Myocardium from Aged Rats, ACSM Annual Meeting, American College of Sports Medicine, New Orleans, LA.
"Diffee, G . (Author Only),Chung, E . (Presenter & Author),"
(2006),Regional myosin heavy chain isoform expression in response to exercise training in old rat myocardium, Experimental Biology, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), San Francisco, CA.
"Akins, T . (Presenter & Author),Barton, G . (Author Only),Hoffmann, M . (Author Only),McKiernan, S . (Author Only),Aiken, J . (Author Only),Diffee, G . (Presenter & Author),"
(1970),Maximal Oxygen Consumption and Blood Lactate Levels as Measures of Exercise Intensity in Aging Rats, Experimental Biology, American Physiological Society, Washington, DC.

Select Grants & Sponsored Projects

2007 - 2008 - Amount $30,000 "Cellular contractile function during left ventricular hypertrophy induced by pressure overload”," University of Wisconsin-Madison,
1999 - 2005 - Amount $768,112 "Cellular Adaptations of Myocardium to Endurance Training," Federal, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1970 - 1970 - "Dietary Restriction and Aging in Rhesus Monkeys," Federal,
2009 - 1970 - Amount $1,301,323 "Impact of Exercise on Sarcopenia," Federal, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gary Diffee